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New Subsector

Creation and development of a television subsector in the
media and cultural space of Ukraine

Main performers: AUTP, Monolog, SSU
Run time: 3 years
ОSum total: 3 000 000 €

Thesis – modern art is impossible without filming; filming - without multi-camera live broadcasting; broadcasting without skills.

The result of the project – new area at the intersection of the fields of television, show business and higher education of Ukraine, formed by television professionals, show-men, entrepreneurs and students.

Development and promotion methods – sociological research, direct broadcasts, journalism in broadcasts, youth (student) multi-camera live broadcasts of concerts and other shows, internet technologies, metrics, marketing, branding and advertising techniques.

The number of phases – 3 (by the number of years).

Objectives of the first phase – a study of the expectations of target audiences and principles of regional elites association, the formation of a national public organization, the development of the technology of the promotion of video versions of concerts and other shows in the internet and other media spheres, studying of the role of youth (students) in the consumption of video versions of concerts, other researches, creating and launching branches in Kyiv and Lviv (900 000 €).

The second phase – the first contracts and modeling of the underlying business of the sub-sector, the formation of youth (student) action teams, cultural studies – the impact of production subsector on the audience and on the solution of national problems in the field of national cultural promotion by means of professional TV production, development of models and principles of student entrepreneurship in the sub-sectors, the establishment and launch of branches in Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk (800 000 €).

The task of the third stage – the development and promotion of basic business models, and building strong communication between brand owners and the sub-sector, creating sustainable teams of producers, the organization of basic youth (student) action teams, creating and launching the work of branches in Kharkiv and Sumy (600 000 €).

The source of ambition – excellent reputation, 20 years of experience in the field of screen arts, a private school, unique technical solutions.

The probability of accomplishment (with investments): team – 90%; competitors - 10%.

Basic partners and developers of the first phase – AUTP (The Association of Ukrainian TV producers), Monolog, SSU (department of electronics and chair of journalistics), Rivne RSTC (Regional State TV Company), Nikolaev RSTC, Lviv RSTC, Sumy RSTC.

Basic partners and developers of the second phase – are the same + Ukrainian Advertising Coalition (UAC).

The interests of investors – social effect, the prestige of the industry, liquidity of products and profits.