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The Association of Ukrainian TV producers

The creation of a public organization
“The Association of Ukrainian TV producers”

Main performers: SSU, Monolog
Run time: 1 year
Total Sum: 100 000 €

Thesis – without a television producers Association it is impossible to develop Ukrainian television as a self-sufficient and independent from the policy industry – to keep the ratings of TV channels, to keep the attention of the young audience and to resist the Internet.

The result of the project – a new public organization in Ukraine in the field of television, combining the interests of television producers, show business and higher education of Ukraine, formed by professionals in television, show-men, entrepreneurs and students, which promotes the interests of television: action coordination, program exchange, product cost reduction, new specialist training, commercial activities.

Development and promotion methods – sociological research, direct broadcasts, journalism in broadcasts, youth (student) multi-camera live broadcasts of concerts and other shows, internet technologies, metrics, marketing, branding and advertising techniques.

The number of phases – 2 (0.5 year each one).

Objectives of the first phase – the negotiation with the main TV-producers of Ukraine, preparation of constituent documents, registration of the organization (20 000 €).

The second phase – the first contracts and modeling of work of the Association, the formation of youth (student) action teams, the launch of branches in Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa (80 000 €).

The source of ambition – excellent reputation, 20 years of experience in the field of screen arts, a private school, unique technical solutions.

The probability of accomplishment (with investments): team – 90%; competitors - 10%.

Basic partners and developers of the first phase – Monolog, SSU (department of electronics and chair of journalistics), Rivne RSTC (Regional State TV Company), Nikolaev RSTC, Lviv RSTC, Sumy RSTC.

The interests of investors – social effect, the prestige of the industry, liquidity of products and profits.