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Project Marketing

The basic mechanism of promotion of mini-MTS on Ukrainian and similar markets (the former USSR) in the initial phase of the project (first 2-3 years) –market events service. Analysis of broadcasts conducted over the last 2 years, let’s say: if not for MTS-trainer, we couldn't do it.

The mission of the project
The composition of the target audience (TA)
Event types
The positive factors of the project development
The placement theory
Provocative question
The list of sponsors’ manifestations

Manufacturing and sale of mini-MTS for servicing of target audiences through the development of placement in a concert environment (in Ukraine and abroad).

The basic idea – is the sharp price collapse of technical solutions through their optimization and improvement of product quality due to more efficient team management

Project status – international.

A distinctive feature – is the absence of obsolescence and reduce in the intensity of needs.

  • TV channels
  • The television Agencies
  • Specialized Universities and TV schools
  • Event organizers
  • Political figures
  • Brand owners
  • Advertisers
  • Concerts
  • Performances
  • Exhibitions
  • Festivals
  • Congresses
  • Conferences
  • Theatrical performances
  • Mass sporting events ("Race under chestnuts", etc.)
  • Mass lectures and seminars (trainings, courses, etc.
  • Corporate and public presentations
  • Competitions (fashion, hairstyles, etc.)
  • Small forms (student assemblies, "low budgets")
  • Anniversary celebrations of people and brands
  • Corporate parties of persons and brands
  • VIP weddings
  • existence of a team of professionals
  • long-term experience of the team in the Ukrainian market
  • the presence of know-how and a corresponding unique equipment (mini-MTS)
  • the availability of technology and the rights on replication of mini-MTS
  • the skills of fast growing from interns to professionals
  • the existence of Monolog brand
  • long-term, positive brand reputation and clean credit history
  • a significant number of public experiments, confirming the correctness of the strategy and tactics of routine of business
  • the presence of a motivated strategic partner – team of the SSU
  • positive results of marketing and sociological researches (long-term public services testing in Kiev in 2006 – 2009, post-crisis public field service testing in conditions of the regional market in Sumy region in 2013-2015, testing of the service in partnership with 10 TV-channels, inviting of youth audience in social networks, etc.)
  • prolonged force majeure condition of the market, pushing entrepreneurs to the expansion and diversification of businesses

The impact of the brand on the TA (target audience) is measured in the number of contacts (expressed as a percentage in relation to the total number of contacts) aim to the highest possible – from 80 to 90 percent of TA from the total number of contacts with the brand.

The impact of the brand on TA is in:

  • the recognition of the new brand,
  • recognizability of an existing brand,
  • loyalty and respect to the brand,
  • eagerness to buy the brand's products almost immediately after recognition.

Despite the galloping development of marketing solutions, placement maintains its position.

In connection with general noise of media spaces placement is even a priority.

Deterrent is the locality of content on audiences. But!...

If the content is produced in the genres of screen products (popular game series, current news, projects, video versions of the popular concerts of music groups, both online and in the post production mode, etc.), the overall efficiency of placement increases tenfold – audiences summarize.

A well-known factor is the price of the contact – the ratio of funds spent on one representative of TA-on-one contact.

For screen technology (television, Internet, visualization, events, cinema, etc.), this indicator is significant, and as for television is only the best.

For example, if you audience reach 1 000 000 people by the average in Ukraine television network the price of a single contact may be not more than 0.1 cent. When coverage 10 000 000 people is only 0.0005 cents.

A distinctive feature of the described trends is their stability and even a slight gain. Especially due to the internet joining and the tribunes impact association.

Why leading broadcasters transport HD-SDI (full HD) and "don’t give it a second thought" with the traffic?

Yes, it is also possible. 3G, 4G, ... 10 G... Channels – only the fiber, the frequency of the switching system is cosmic, the price is appropriate. But, nevertheless, the record of cameras and tape recorders on the media, broadcast to the satellite and in professional tele ether, on the panel in the hall and in the internet space technologically cannot exceed 100 MB/s: the human eye is not the computer...

Manifestations during the show, on the shooting-area and on behalf of the show organizers

  • mention by the presenter of the show of gratuity to the brand (and personally to the owner of it)
  • waving branded flags to get into the frame and to catch the eye of the participants
  • hanging out 2-3 large banners on different walls of the show-hall
  • demonstration of commercials from the brand on the display panels (with sound and self-sufficient), in the breaks of the show and during the announcement of gratuity
  • representative of the brand come on the stage to hand the prizes and gifts

Manifestations during the broadcast on TV channels and online

  • interviews in the green room with a representative of the owner of the brand
  • the overlay of the brand logo on the broadcast materials
  • running line (scrolling message) about important news from the brand
  • promotional video of the brand during the broadcast
  • the use of products from the brand in the green room (cups, pens, water bottles, coffee jars, packets of tea, etc.) for accent display in the frame
  • the presenters mention different accents from the brand in the green room

Additional manifestations during the show post-content broadcasting on TV and the internet

  • accented with the brand station breaks
  • showing of advertising film from the brand (in synchronization with the broadcasting of a show video version) )

The manifestations from the fact of broadcast holding

  • publications in press and announcement of broadcast on the internet with reference to the brand
  • publications in press and internet opinions about the show with the participation of the brand