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Filming of events and satellite linkup

  1. Event service - concerts, festivals, events, presentations, conferences, exhibitions, anniversaries, etc.
  2. Mobile television Studio (MTS), TV direction and montage in real time mode (from 16 cameras and more)
  3. Broadcast of the video signal to the display panel
  4. Tele ether available multi-camera event recording
  5. Parallel producing
  6. Independent of recording broadcast of information from other video sources (computers, VCRs, etc.) on the display screens or in the internet
  7. The design of the captions (titles) on the screen and record using the "live" method
  8. The instant production of a CD-media
  9. Post-event configuring montage

Basic set:

  • 16 cameras (12 – on shooting area, 4 - in green room)
  • A team of professionals
  • Transportation of equipment and team
  • The product "record of broadcast"
  • The increase in the number of cameras, the dynamics on request (spider, crane, truck)

Carrying out of the live broadcast and satellite linkup from the event (satellite link or over the internet)

  • Rental of equipment and communication channels
  • Setting of the satellite linkup (week before event)

Production for future personal use (without placing on air)

  • Production of video reports about the events
  • The production of personalized TV-materials for the heads of companies (anniversaries, personal celebrations and concerts, weddings, etc. by the method of MTS, the record of interviews with guests, post-event configuring montage)
  • The formation of TV-archives (reportage fixation of presentations, exhibitions, anniversaries, seminars, conferences, important negotiations both in Ukraine and abroad)

Placing of the video materials on TV-channels is performed by the separate position