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The Professional solutions for HD-formate mini-MTS (Mobile HD)

Full-streaming digital systems.

Full-streaming digital system (with analog component tract (route)) is a professional type of solution, enough for professional production of video content and its satellite broadcast in real time mode. Management of operators and auxiliary broadcast are the result of transportation to the switching system full-streaming analog component signal (HD-components), which reduces the quality of online signal not, and provides all necessary functions for the resulting program in on-line mode. Transporting of the video signal in real time mode through a camera channels is based on enhanced twisted pair (8-channel). The set includes 12 coils length of 150 meters. The solution also allows the buyer to apply coils-extenders up to 300 meters. This type of solution, thanks to good correlation of price and quality, will be relevant in developed countries. The approximate market volume is about 1000 sales in 5 years (50 sales per country). The prices may vary from 15 000 to 17 000 $.

Combined digital systems

Combined digital system (digital compressed tract (route)) is a professional solution that uses for transporting the same compressed to 100 MB/s digital video signal as well as the recording devices in the video cameras and tape recorders. Management of operators and auxiliary broadcast is carried out through the transportation of component analog (HD-components) or composite video signal. An extra copy of the resulting programs is formed on a separate media carrier with possible delay from real time to 5-10 seconds through a separate digital compressed traffic (delay caused by compression). Transporting of analog and compressed digital video signal is carried through the camera channels based on enhanced twisted pair (8-channel). It is possible to transport analog signals in 4-channel twisted-pair, and digital stream – through compact camera transmitters, which reduces the superfluity of digital traffic, but complicates the system as a whole. The approximate market volume is about 1000 sales in 5 years (50 sales per country). The price of the set can vary from 20 000 to 25 000 $