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The first in Ukraine seminar of the manufacturers of TV version of the shows is finished

4 May 2015

Sumy State University in cooperation with the Sumy Regional State TV and Radio Company and the channel STS (CO "Sumy Self-government") April 29, 2015 held an interregional seminar "Professional reportage live broadcasts of events - art or business?". More than 100 Ukrainian TV channels were invited. For remote participants worked live mode with audio link feedback.

According to the web statistics, only in the seminar was attended over 70 people. This means that the subject of the discussion aroused interest. Interested representatives of TV companies, the organizers of the seminar and the university rector's office discussed matters that are of interest not only to TV people, but also to the future of the country - students. In Sumy came guests from Kyiv, Rivne, Poltava and Lubny.

More than 20 years in Sumy in the agency's Monolog in partnership with the SSU (Internet Television and Screen Arts Lab of Center of Webometrics and Web marketing) is a school of TV live broadcasting. Students learn basic television professions - from producers and live directors up to journalists and cameramen. They became the organizers and executors of the MTS-roles at the seminar.

The topic of discussion raised a number of questions. If broadcast is multi-camera, then how much is "many"? Some seminar participants argued that 3-4 cameras are enough for broadcast. Other experts insisted that getting in rank of national endow independently of the city where concert takes place, one should have really many cameras. And for the question of how to solve the economic problems that arise in this case, the seminar organizers have prepared a package of answers.

Another important issue around which dispute kindles is the value of concerts, produced in Ukraine. Do the youth need TV versions of the shows, whether they are interested to consume such a product? The dispute entered pros from Odessa, Nikolaev, Lvov, Transcarpathian and Kiev regions. Whether concerts, professionally shot, for example, in Tysmenytsia, are interesting for students from Dnepropetrovsk? Will miss - SSU attract the attention of students from Rivne and Uzhgorod?

The Association of Ukrainian TV producers, which the seminar participants decided to establish, tried to answer this and many other questions. This public organization may come forward with a variety of initiatives to develop and promote national cultural television.

The Center of Culture and Arts of SSU gave the concert for the participants of the meeting, showing the live work of the team.

The main outcome of the debate: Television Companies of Ukraine produce such content, are interested in it and feel acute need of high quality, but affordable technologies to support such production. And therefore welcomes the establishment of the association. Interests of broadcasters are the interests of viewers. And that means all the state. Well, it makes sense to act! The seminar gave this charge.

Photo by Julia Levchenko

Download presentation for the seminar

Seminar of the manufacturers of TV version of the shows, Sumy, SSU, SPT (Sumy Public Television), Monolog, 2015

Movies and interviews of the TV version of the manufacturers of TV version of the shows by methods of reportage multi-camera live mode seminar, the operator - Andrey Gerashchenko, Sumy, 04.29.15, SSU, RSBC, SPT, Monolog, 2015

Interviews in the material:

Ruslan Chernokulsky, television company "Lubny",

Lyudmila Krivomaz, editorial director of"First National" channel music programs,

Boris Panchenko, director of the Monolog agency, Head of the Laboratory of Internet television and screen arts of SSU

Seminar of the manufacturers of TV version of the shows (Part 2), Sumy, SSU, SPT, Monolog, 2015

Seminar of the manufacturers of TV version of the shows, cameramen-trainees - Alesya Haletha, Irina Nikolaenko, Alexander Kovalev, Maxim Vasilenko, trainee assistant director - Svetlana Pilipenko, director - Maria Nizenko, producer and teacher - Boris Panchenko, MTS-trainer, 2nd part, SSU, RSBC, SPT, Monolog, 2015

Demo concert of SSU students, training multi-camera broadcast, SSU, RSBC, SPT, Monolog, 2015

Demo concert of SSU students, training multi-camera live broadcast, the director and teacher of translation - Ruslan Nikolenko, trainee-director of the second program - Svetlana Pilipenko, trainee-operators - Irina Nikolaenko, Alesya Haletha, Maxim Vasilenko, Alexander Kovalev, Oleg Yatsenko, trainee-engineers - Vitaly Petrov, Vladislav Burnakov, producer and teacher - Boris Panchenko, MTS-trainer, SSU, RSBC, SPT, Monolog, 2015