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The fourth concert XXI International Festival «Bach-fest»

25 October 2016

The concert was the next step in XXI International Festival «Bach-fest». Played musicians from Belgorod - Timur Haliullin (organ, piano) and Oleg Shane (cello). Their presence and the arrival Muscovite Stanislav power plant, in fact, did Sumy Bach Festival this year International.

Belgorod musician popularity among connoisseurs of classical music Sumy extraordinary. Tickets to the concert with his participation were sold before the festival.

I must say that Timur Haliullin partner again met the expectations of students, most of them before the first chord has been configured to capture.

This time Belgorod organist brought philosopher perceive any transcendental given through musical means of understanding the world. Although sounded pretty famous works, but they were made so that it was no longer just music.

No one knows how to take an art that must be present and think at the hearing, reading or contemplation. Here, each with its own individual path and its own initial thirst. Yet there is a state of the creator - and Haliullin Timur and Oleg Shane in this case were the same as the creators of special sounds, combined in songs - and so there is an elevated state of mind of a musician that brings the listener on an irrational at the top, the music of the heavenly spheres, where the soul opens things that are impossible to put into words, being "down" in the normal everyday state of consciousness.

Also note and meeting-house concert in the hospitable home of artist Irina Protsenko Sumy featuring musicians who came to the festival from other countries and cities.


Organist Timur Haliullin (Belgorod) - one of the head-liners festival and cellist Oleg Shane (also Belgorod) with a program of works by Bach, Marcello, Bruch, Albeniz, Gigout, Saint-Saens, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Massenet, Hrihorutse and John. Williams .