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Orest Lutiy in Sumy

12 April 2016

FINALLY! Prominent Ukrainian "singing anthropologist" Orestes Lutiy, which in 2012 created the iconic project "soft and harsh Ukrainization" made in Sumy 12 April. He was the first who spoke on the revolutionary barricades and soldiers on the front line to the ATO, raising the patriotic spirit of the people who fought and continue to fight for Ukraine.

Stunning mix of famous Soviet songs, chanson, songs yard turns into a radical musical show in style Bandera secret places that desakralizuye "duhovnyye skryepy" and demotyvuye "sakralnyye meaning" russkago measure. For this project the actor officially declared wanted by the Russian FSB.

Orest Lutiy - a man gifted and talented from all sides, seeking answers to eternal questions: Who are we? Where? Where are we going? Lone Samurai spirit in the stormy ocean of flesh ... Torch for individuals of all time!

Humour, irony, sarcasm and subtle dosed motivated use of profanity professor of anthropology light can cause cultural shock.