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Lords Of The Sound у Сумах

29 Ноября 2015

On November 29 Sumy residents and guests can enjoy the beautiful sound of cinema in the performance of a symphony orchestra Lord of the Sound. The orchestra came in the frame of the jubilee tour "Kino-Hity.Grand Collection».

Symphonic rock band, which loved by all Ukraine, made performance under the conductorship Vitaly Sarazhynskгш and Vitaly Fizer. They executed the best hits from such films as "The Great Gatsby," "Mission Impossible," "Mad Max," "50 shades of gray," "Harry Potter," "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Interstellar," "Terminator," "Amelie" and others.

Musicians dedicated their tour 150th anniversary since the writing of the national anthem of Ukraine. Therefore, the "Lord of the Sound" prepared a special version of " Shche ne vmerly Ukrainy ...".

Also, almost 30 musicians joined by talented singers - Victoria Litviychuk and Daniel Klyagin.


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