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Purchase of goods - compact multi-camera mobile television studios (mini-MTS) for television event service to minimize the cost of TV production and increase the rating of the channel through entertaining content.

Main features of MTS

  • Multi-camera shooting (high quality shooting using from 16 to 32 cameras)
  • Remote control (of cameras and operators at a distance)
  • Express installation (fast line installation saves time)
  • A broadcast (the ability to broadcast the image on any display panel)
  • Video mapping (bringing out backdrops and animations on the panels)
  • Video presentation (management of presentations with panel output)
  • Live broadcast (broadcast signal on TV, satellite or on-line broadcast of the event on the internet)

Purchase of the service - placement as one of the most effective forms of advertising. Placement is addition the brand to an arbitrary quality content, in which primary audience is interested (Leonid Kuravlyov with a pack of Marlboros)