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Corporate services

  1. Production of television documentaries (timing 15-30 minutes)
  2. Updating documentaries
  3. Production and updating of tele-sketches
  4. The production of low-budget commercials (method "poly-video", without animation and without the involvement of actors)
  5. The production of low-budget cinematic commercials (development of ideas, animated "storyboard", scenery, staging and actors)
  6. Producing news stories (timing 1-2 minutes)
  7. Adaptation of stories for TV news, and internet resources
  8. The production of a presentation story cycle (for example - for negotiations to broadcast before and during breaks)
  9. Adaptation of a documentary or TV show for presentations
  10. Production of computer presentations and reports using movies (fragments)
  11. Translation and re-dubbing
  12. Conversion stories in newspaper informational publication
  13. Conversion of a movie or TV shows into analytical newspaper or magazine publication
  14. The production of individual report stories for seminars
  15. Production of training materials